Child abuse and neglect 2

Child abuse and neglect





General Instructions


Students are required to identify and prepare a written article summary associated with a human needs topic/problem (chosen from the list). The student is expected to select an article dated between 2013−presentfrom a peer-review journal. The article should have a cover page, page numbers, and reference page.Students should refer to their notes from the class visit to the library regarding research.


Writing Laboratory


In addition, working in tandem with the writing laboratory will give the student an opportunity to assess/scrutinize his/her written work that will ultimately result in earning a satisfactory grade. Therefore, in order to earn the total points for this portion of the assignment, the student must verify that contact has been made with the writing tutor in the Center for Academic Success’s (CAS) Tutoring Lab. Information about the Tutoring Lab can be found on Brightspace (Desire2Learn [D2L]) or at .

I recommend setting an appointment with the tutor for 30 minutes to 01 hour to discuss your paper. English Tutor Consultation Verification Form, which is located in D2L under this assignment tab, must be signed by the English tutor, which verifies that you attended a writing session with the tutor. Also, the tutor should notate at least two areas of improvement that was focused on throughout the paper. Students should strongly encourage and reemphasize to the tutor to write comments on the paper as students will have to submit the marked paper with the final version of the paper as electronic and hard-copies by the appropriate deadline.




Last, the final version of the paper must reflect 30% or less in plagiarized work based on the report provided by Turnitin.






Paper Components


The written assignment should include the following components:


  1. Introduction (maximum of 1 paragraph) (Do not write in 1st Person; do not use “I” statements)
  • Why the article was selected?
  • What is expected to be accomplished?
  • What relevance does it have for social work practice?


  1. Summary of Article (1-4 paragraphs) (Do not write in 1st Person; do not use “I” statements)
  • Briefly describe the article.
  • Who completed the study and why?
  • What relevance does the study have for the field of social work?


  1. Methods (Do not write in 1st Person; do not use “I” statements)
  • How was the study conducted (i.e., questionnaires, survey, face-to-face, etc.)?
  • Description of the participants/subjects.
  • The results of the study.


  1. Student Reflections (1-2 paragraphs) (Write in 1st Person; do use “I” statements)
  • What significance did the article have for you?


  1. APA Format/Writing Style
  • Cover Page
  • Page Numbers
  • Sentence Structure (i.e, grammar spelling, sentence transitions, lengthy paragraphs)
  • Reference Page
  • Headings





Paper Format


Students should follow the following directions regarding how to format their report:


  1. The paper is to be prepared in Microsoft Word, double-spaced [ensure that “Before and After Spacing” (Click Home and Click Paragraph Settings) is set to zero (0)].
  2. All margins are to be one inch.
  3. The font should be 12 point and Times New Roman.
  4. The paper should contain the following parts:
    1. Title Page [see the American Psychological Association (APA) links below for format requirements];
    2. Report (see the APA links below for format requirements);
  • References Page (see the APA links below for format requirements);
  1. Appendix (see bullet number five and the APA links below for format requirements);
  1. Create an appendix (optional);
  2. Sub-headings are required for the assignment;
  3. No abstract is required;
  4. The length should be a minimum of three complete, double-spaced pages(maximum of five pages) (not including cover page, references page, and appendix).
  5. Use spell check, and proofread the paper carefully.
  6. The paper must follow the APA guidelines. Some website resources are listed below:
    1. APA Sample Paper:
    2. APA General Format:
  1. Submit an electronic copy of the final report in the appropriate dropbox in Desire2Learn (D2L) by Sunday, February 10, 2019 at 11:59 pm (section one) | Sunday, February 24, 2019 at 11:59p.m. (section two) and a hard copy (stapled in the top left-hand corner) by beginning of class on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 08:00a.m. (section one)| Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at 06:00p.m. (section two)to receive credit for the assignment. Failure to submit the assignment accordingly will result in a failing grade.




This assignment is worth 100 points of your overall grade. All items of this assignment (paper, article/policy, and English Tutor Consultation Verification Form) must be submitted to earn the maximum points. Scholars may find that the process of writing the assignment is a major part of the cultural learning experience.





Grading Components for Writing Assignment #1


While a point system is used to grade this assignment, emphasis will be placed on your ability to focus, write clearly and to integrate what you have learned from class materials.The following table contains the grading components for the paper:


Component Maximum Points
Introduction 15 points
Summary 25 points
Methods 25 points
Student Reflections 25 points
APA Format/Writing Style 10 points
Total 100 points


The following table contains the deductions for failure to submit items of the assignment:


Component Points Deducted
No Writing Laboratory Submission -15 points
No Article/Policy Submission -15 points
No Printed Hard Copy Submission (Submitted Electronic Copy) -50 points
No Electronic Submission (Submitted/Not Submitted Printed Hard Copy) -100 points


Grading Rubric for Writing Assignments


The grading rubric for the writing assignment is included on the following page (page 06).




Writing Assignment #1

Writing Scoring Rubric


Student’s Name:         ___________________________


Instructor:                  Mrs. Yvonne T. Duncan, MSW


Online Date Due:        Sunday, February 10, 2019 (section one) | Sunday, February 24, 2019 (section two)


Printed Date Due:       Tuesday, February 12, 2019 (section one) | Tuesday, February 26, 2019(section two)


Area Covered                                                            Maximum Points       PointsEarned

Introduction                                                               15                                ____________

Summary                                                                   25                                ____________


Methods                                                                     25                                ____________


Student Reflections                                       25                                ____________


APA Format/Writing Style                          10                                ____________


Total Points                                                                100                              ____________




No Writing Laboratory Submission            -15


No Article/Policy Submission                       -15


No Printed Hard Copy Submission

(Submitted Electronic Copy)                                   -50


No Electronic Submission

(Submitted/Not Submitted Printed Hard Copy)  -100


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