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Ethics in healthcare


The purpose of the course project is to provide you with an opportunity to synthesize various influences that help define ethical and legal behavior in a health care environment into a formal paper. Draw upon scholarly literature and trends to predict how theory will be modified and applied to evaluate dilemmas health care providers must confront.

This formal paper asks you to evaluate day-to-day ethical and legal dilemmas and examine cultural, ethical, and legal norms within the health care arena; for example, right to die issues and health care as a privilege or right.

Use the following theory:

You will use the theory selected to analyze the value dilemmas that health care providers must confront. You may integrate several theories as necessary, but the theory you select must be the prominent one you use to guide your analysis throughout the paper.

Paper Contents:

Title page: Include a descriptive title that indicates your chosen topic focus.
Table of contents: Orient the reader to the main parts of the paper.
Introduction: State your approach and assumptions, the background the reader needs to understand your approach, and how you intend to address the key issues.


Evaluate how legal and ethical practice standards and health care decision making are applied in health care services delivery.
Assumptions: Synthesize the information from the trend and application analyses with assumptions about the current and future use of ethics and decision making in health care. Provide the rationale and supporting data for each assumption.
Conclusions: Summarize your findings and speaks to future applications and research areas in ethics and health care decision making.

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