Health care system

In Canada many believe our health care system to be a good model for other countries (U.S) to follow. However access to health care can be a problem in some Canadian cities.

Our health care is delivered through a publicly-funded health care system; inflation has caused problems with the system specifically for those users in remote and rural areas of Canada’s north.

1) Introduction (5 marks)

2) Reflect on the movie Sicko.How is our healthcare system portrayed? Do you feel this portrayal is accurate? Why or why not? (5 marks)

3) Many feel our “Canadian public health care is in crisis” what does this mean and does it reflect a theory that is correct? (5 marks)

4) Given “health care spending” is often quoted as being “out of control” what strategies for all types of medical services have been suggested by the experts? (5)

5) What do Canadian health care organizations have to say about the possible collapse of the Canadian health care system? (5)

6) Are Canadians happy with the current health care system? (5 marks)

7) Grammar and Spelling (5)

8) APA (5)

9) Use of evidence is apparent for all content (5) citations should include pg numbers and please use reliable sources

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