Ethical Considerations, Health Care Delivery Issues, Professional Roles and Resources,

Ethical Considerations, Health Care Delivery Issues, Professional Roles and Resources,

I. Comprehensive Presentation of Issue(s)/Trend(s)A. Ethical Considerations.

1. Ethical Principles. (15 points)

– Define and discuss each of the following giving examples for each: (a) nonmaleficence, (b) utilitarianism, (c) justice, (d) fidelity, (e) veracity, and (f) autonomy.

2. Ethical Issues in Patient Care. (15 points)

a. Advanced Directives.

b. Identify and discuss one other ethical issue/dilemma such as power of attorney, emancipation, guardianship, life threatening illness, organ transplantation, or substance abuse. Include resolutions or actions to resolve the issue, the role of an ethics committee, and the decision making impact on patient care.

B. Health Care Delivery Issues- Discuss the following in terms of Access to Care.

1.Availability of providers and services.

2. Distance to care

3. Regulations

C. Professional Roles and Resources

1. Discuss the different advance practice nursing roles of the nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, nurse anesthesiologist, and certified nurse midwife.

2. Identify and give an overview of some organizational, educational, on-line and other resources that support the role of the Advanced Emergency Nurse.

D. Promoting high quality and safe patient care through qualityimprovement (QI)

1. List the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Aims

2. Define quality improvement (QI)

3. Compare and contrast two QI models used to improve patient outcomes

4. Give an example of a quality improvement project developed and implemented by an advanced practice nurse

E. Effectiveness of the Advanced Emergency Nurse in acute care or ambulatory settings (based on research findings of at least 2 studies).

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