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Ethics Advisory Memo


This final assignment requires you to prepare a lengthy paper outlining potential courses of action in response to a moral conundrum.

The audience, style, tone, and organization of each document should be determined by carefully reading the directions provided below.


Review the PowerPoint presentation (Internal Correspondence Packet) on creating effective memos (available on our D2L page).

also consider Read “Ethical Writing in the Workplace” (pp. 21-29) and Chapter 2 of Successful Writing at Work, “The Writing Process and Collaboration at Work” (specifically pages 35-55)


Results of Learning: Transferable Skills


Create documents that speak to particular audiences


Write documents using the proper stylistic decisions for the genre (or rhetorical context).


Create papers that adhere to the accepted business genre conventions.


Create grammatically and mechanically sound documents.


Prioritize, arrange, and plan


Being resourceful


Moral judgment and reasoning


professional attitude


Application of Information Technology


Written Interaction


Definition of Writing Ethics Advisory Memo “An ethical dilemma is a situation in which a business person must decide whether to do a certain action even though it benefits the organization, a specific person, or both.

Conflict between two norms or principles might lead to an ethical quandary. 2017 (Bauer-Ramazani) Assignment Consider an ethical dilemma that might arise at work to start.

The four most typical types of work-related ethical difficulties include accounting, discrimination and harassment, privacy/technology, and social media, according to the Heart-Repreneur website.

You can either bring your own issue or select one from one of these categories.

If you are having problems coming up with your own specifics, look up a case online that is comparable to one we discussed in class and reply to the ethical problem(s) raised there. Several websites presenting business ethics cases include:

Top 10 Business Ethics Stories of 2018


The second step is to produce a 2-page memo (single-spaced), in which you examine the ethical issue(s) and propose a course of action, in accordance with the early learnt requirements and rules.

Please use these boldface headings to structure your memo: The sections of this essay include the introduction, the situation, the ethical dilemma, the stakeholders affected by the dilemma, alternative courses of action & tradeoffs, the solution, and the conclusion.

For each section, you will compose a paragraph (composed of 5-7 sentences). Sections Explained Introduction Describe the situation in a two or three sentence introduction.

The aim of the memo should be included in your thesis statement, which should also include a brief summary of what will be covered in the memo’s body. You must use all of the headings and topics you plan to cover in the memo as keywords (listed above).

The Situation – Provide details; describe the circumstances. Write a paragraph detailing what happened, who was involved, where it happened, when it happened, and what was going on in brief, straightforward terms. Start with a topic sentence that includes the keywords and responds to the who, where, and when queries.

Then, respond to the query, “What happened/what was going on?” in a few brief, straightforward sentences. The following supporting sentences must add further information, evidence, and justifications to the queries.

Please check all verb endings as this is most likely in PAST TENSE! The conflicting principles and standards are discussed in The Ethical Dilemma. Clearly state the moral conundrum or issue.

Why does this matter? Start with a topic sentence that answers the questions What is the ethical dilemma the person is facing? and contains the keywords from the title (ethical dilemma).

Then, respond to the query “which ethical values are in conflict” in a few brief, straightforward phrases. Who will suffer harm? Who will gain?

The following supporting sentences must add further information, evidence, and justifications to the queries. *** Review the Power Point on Ethics and Ethical Decisions that we covered in class for more information on ethical ideals (or the 6 Pillars of Character).

Say something like, “Such values as respect and citizenship are at stake in the current scenario,” for instance. Then, describe how each of the selected values is being threatened.

The Parties Affected by the Problem – Name them.

Describe how they are involved. Why are they involved, and how? Start off with a topic sentence that lists all of the parties involved in this event and how they are impacted. Answer the questions in the remaining sentences.

What role does each stakeholder play? Moreover, how would the situation impact them? (Why are they involved? How are they involved?)

Alternative Actions & Tradeoffs (Costs/Benefits) Discuss three options for how to resolve the moral conundrum or problem (s). What are the costs and benefits of each course of action for the various stakeholders?

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each (who will benefit and how; who will experience negative effects and what ones?)

Start with a topic phrase that includes the terms “tradeoffs” and “different courses of action.”

Explain each option in depth and demonstrate how it would effect each of the concerned stakeholders, both favorably and unfavorably, in the remaining sentences.


Solution: Talk about how the predicament ought to have been resolved.

Start off by stating which of the potential solutions would be the best in a topic sentence. Also, think about the following inquiries: In comparison to the other options, how many stakeholders will gain from this one?

Who will suffer a negative impact?

Which principles are more crucial?


In the final paragraph (two to three sentences), reiterate the introduction’s thesis.

Restate your proposed solution in brief and explain why it is the best option.

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