Writing And Inquiry

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For this discussion board, you will compare non-academic vs. academic writing by reading two sample articles and writing a thoughtful analysis paragraph about their differences based on audience. This assignment will allow you to: (1) begin thinking critically about writing; (2) examine how audience affects communication; (3) investigate the differences between academic and non-academic writing broadly; and (4) begin crafting well-organized, well-supported paragraphs using the MEAL plan strategy.


Non-Academic Article from CNN: “Move Over, Sit Still! Why Kids Need to Move in School”: https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/03/health/children-movement-schools-classroom/index.html)


Academic Article from The Physical Educator (academic journal): “Perceptions of the Effects of Recess on Kindergartners” :


Once you review both articles carefully, take a few moments to review their rhetorical situation (see Chapter 1 from your reading below). What is the context for each article? What is the purpose? Who is the audience? Why style of writing (genre) did they use and why? Once you identify the audience of each piece, look very carefully at how the articles were written. How are they organized? What kind of evidence do they use? What’s their tone and style like? How is the article formatted on the page? How do they interact with the reader? Consider these questions with care.


Writing Prompt: Once you’ve investigated both articles, your task will be to write a paragraph that examines HOW the two articles differ based on their AUDIENCE.


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