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Developing PICO(T) Questions

You first consider what is vital to you before deciding to buy a new automobile. If mileage and dependability are the most crucial concerns, you will look for information that is more focused on these aspects and less on sound systems and color possibilities.


The same is true when looking for research data to support clinical research and career decisions. The search procedure will be significantly more efficient if you create a formula for a query that can be answered and researched and fulfills your desire. The PICO(T) format is one such formula.

You will learn how to organize a clinical enquiry into a PICO(T)-searchable question in this Discussion so that you may more effectively and quickly search electronic databases. You will discuss this PICO(T) question and look at some approaches to improve the accuracy and thoroughness of your PICO(T) question’s database search.


To Get Ready:


Review the resources and choose a clinical problem of interest that might serve as the starting point for a clinical investigation.

Examine the items in the Resources that give advice on accessing databases, doing keyword searches, and creating PICO(T) questions.


Search at least two separate Walden Library databases to find at least four pertinent peer-reviewed papers connected to your clinical issue of interest based on the clinical issue of interest and utilizing keywords associated with it. For this task, pick original research publications rather than systematic reviews.


Look over the Resources for advice and create a PICO(T) question that interests you for more research. As these PICOT questions tend to function best for this course, it is advised that an Intervention-type PICOT question be created.



*Tip for the library:


The Walden Library advises beginning your search wide with one notion or search phrase and then gradually adding other components. The evidence might not fully cover every facet of your PICO(T) inquiry in a single article, depending on your subject. Choose the most crucial terms to search for and locate the best accessible evidence, even if it requires compiling evidence from other publications.


Nursing Research Page: Databases and Nursing-specific Resources


Evidence Types: A Guide to Evidence-Based Practice


Videos about nursing and health research, including an introduction that lasts 15 minutes.


Get Help page, which offers the Ask a Librarian feature


Quick Solutions:


How can I locate a report on research that employs a certain methodology?


How can I locate primary or original study that examines empirical data?


What exactly does the Find at Walden button do?


By Week 4’s Day 3


Post a succinct summary of the clinical problem you’re interested in. This clinical problem will not change over the whole course, and it will serve as the foundation for your PICOT question. How many articles based on original research were returned as a consequence of your search? How did this alter when you added more search phrases and used your Boolean operators? Finally, discuss some methods for enhancing the accuracy and efficacy of a database search for your PICO(T) inquiry.

You can search the Google Scholar database for publications, however because you utilized the matrix assignment, the topic you chose for that assignment will need to be used for any subsequent assignments.


APA 3 citations

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