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Final Project on Civic Engagement


For this assignment, you are sharing the information on your Civic Engagement research. You will answer the questions in the below rubric as well as meet these objectives from our last chapter.

Directions for the assignment:

  1. A PowerPoint presentation to describe your project. You will not be presenting this to the class. Other ideas are welcome please see me for approval.
  2. You will be sure to include the items listed in the rubric below. You can do a slide per each topic.
  3. You will upload your paper to Canvas as a PowerPoint. You can also save this in a PDF document.
  4. I cannot read .pages documents. So, if you have a Mac be sure to save it in a form that I can read. PPT or PDF.
  5. This work will count as your final exam. Please see the due dates on the calendar
Assignment RequirementsPoints
 A description/overview of the organization, cause or issue you are researching15
 Historical information of the organization, cause or issue you are researching10
What about this organization was interesting to you/what did you want to learn from researching this organization?10
Who is the leader of this organization and what is this person’s leadership style?10
Present an idea of how you can support your organization in the future. This would be what you would do for service in the future to help your cause. It can be an event either on or off campus. Please be detailed about what you would like to do.20
Explain the importance of overcoming obstacles for leadership. Based on your research what obstacles does this organization face? You can contact them and ask them. Remember to pull from the chapter on this subject. What practices that are used by this organization or their leadership for overcoming obstacles.10
Final thoughts conclusion slide or paragraph5
Project follows the standards of college writing including citation in APA format.15

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