1- Market Need -Describe the overall situation that gives rise to the poorly addressed or unaddressed/undiscovered market need or overall

problem for which you are proposing a solution.

2- Idea – Describe your (innovative) idea for of satisfying this need described above.

3- Target Market- Describe who will be most likely to buy this product or service. Identify several characteristics of the target market

that will make them more likely to buy. (Please base the target market in Kuwait)

4- Features and benefits – Identify the possible features of your product/service that the target market will perceive as being most


5- Market Size – How large is the potential market, (total number of sales estimate)? (Please base the target market in Kuwait)

6- Price – How much will each customer pay? ( if possible you can use platinum gym, fitness first, champion, and oxygen gym – all gyms are

based in Kuwait)

5- Critical success factors -What are the 3 most important questions you must answer as you begin this project? i.e. first three most

critical milestones.

Last Updated on February 25, 2018

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