Developing a Hierarchy of Needs

Developing a Hierarchy of Needs


Develop the hierarchy of needs levels to help understand the consumer you have identified. You will be showing an understanding of where each element of consumer behavior fits within a needs model. Where do you think your product or service falls within this hierarchy? Identify the single level of need that you think your product or service meets and explain why.

>>>Next, to better understand your target audience, identify different examples of ADVERTISEMENTS that meet each of their FIVE LEVELS OF NEEDS. Keep in mind that consumers may have a different definition of what the levels mean to them. As you identify examples of advertisements that meet each of the five levels of needs specific to your target audience you may use an actual ad, the headline for one, a YouTube link, or provide a detailed description of what the ad is conveying (identify the product or service and explain why it matches a particular level of need for your target consumer).


1: Created the hierarchy based upon your product.

2: Explained why the physiological need fits target market.

3: Explained why the safety need fits target market.

4: Explained why the belongingness need fits target market.

5: Explained why the ego need fits target market.

6: Explained why the self-actualization need fits target market

7: Focus on your target markets needs by developing a GRAPHIC MODEL.

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