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English Composition and Research

Week 1

Discussion Question: 

Welcome to English 1211: Composition and Research.  This week, we are simultaneously getting to know one another and selecting a topic to work with all quarter.  Please do not take either of these steps lightly.  We’ll be interacting a lot this quarter, so building a strong community is an important goal.  Also, choosing a strong topic now is going to be integral to your success in this course.  This week’s discussion is an important place to share your topic ideas, receive feedback, and learn what others are thinking of exploring.  Remember, the topics should be:

  • complex
  • debatable
  • narrow
  • academic in nature (meaning it can be supported with academic, scholarly sources)
  • long-lasting (remember, you will keep this topic all quarter)

In your initial post, please start with a brief introduction.  Then, share with the class the topics you are currently considering as the focus for your research and writing this quarter (post at least two ideas).  Why are you interested in these topics?  What do you currently know about them?  What are some of the conflicting perspectives within the topic?  What guiding research questions are forming around these topics?  All of the brainstorming you do here this week will help you choose a good topic and complete your Topic Proposal assignment this week.

Classmates – How can you help your classmates think through their topic ideas?  Do you have any knowledge or insight about their topic?  What intrigues or interests you?  What questions do you have about their topics?  What would you like to learn about the topics?

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