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Discussion Board Week 7 Literature

English Class Week 7 Discussion Board Question


Please be sure to check in with Ms. Arszulowicz’s thread this week regarding the Center for Academic Success workshop on MLA formatting.


After reading this week’s selections, share your thoughts on how the male and female characters were characterized.    What are your observations on the characters’ relationships as spouses, friends, and lovers? Also, time and death permeate some of the selections.  Although all of the selections were written at different periods of time, how are their themes universal and even contemporary?


Also, since we have reached the mid-point of the semester (can you believe it????), please share how things are progressing thus far.  Comments?  Criticisms?  Suggestions?

If you haven’t given me your topic selection for the research paper, you may do so here.




Week 7 Reading Selections



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Bottom of Form



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