Elements of infrastructure for Toyota

A foundation of operations in both manufacturing and service environments is vital in order to drive inefficiencies and examine ways to achieve greater supply chain integration with suppliers and customers. In this assignment compare 1 manufacturing (Toyota) and 1 service driven company (Uber) through creating visual representations of how the product or service is created and delivered, accompanied by a written summary. Provide a brief summary of Toyota and Uber including compelling evidence illustrating the company is either a manufacturing or a service company. For Toyota 1)create a manufacturing process map.

2) explain the elements of infrastructure for Toyota using a flow chart. For Uber 1 )research their service process 2) create a service process map, 3) explain the elements of infrastructure for using a flow chart. Then provide a 750 word summary describing the differences and similarities between manufacturing and service environments. For Toyota and Uber, identify if customer-introduced variability is available. If not, how would you implement flexibility for customer-introduced variability? How will a deep understanding of both manufacturing and service environments help you in your future or current career? Provide an example.

Last Updated on January 19, 2018