ELECTRICAL POWER GENERATION SYSTEM (Blade construction and design)


As part of EAT100 you have been asked to design a generator system for a wind turbine. You are required to select one aspect of the design of the system and write a report detailing how that design feature can be optimized to improve the performance of the system. The selected design feature may be electrical or mechanical in nature. Possible topics could include, but are not limited to:
Coil winding design for generator Magnet selection for generator
Blade construction and design

Bearing design.

You may assume that cost is not an issue when performing your analysis. Any design recommendations must, however, remain within the design guidelines for the EAT100 generator project. As part of your analysis you should perform the following tasks:
Gather and use reference material from reputable sources to support your arguments and opinions.

Perform an analysis in Microsoft Excel to illustrate how your chosen design feature might affect performance.
The report should be word processed, and be a maximum of 1200 words in length with a clear statement as to the number of words used. It should be properly structured with the use of headings and subheadings, be referenced correctly and include diagrams where appropriate. Graphs and/or tables from your Microsoft Excel analysis should be included along with an explanation of their significance.

You should adopt an appropriate structure for your report and follow the usual conventions for a technical document.
Use of any theory, information, tables and diagrams obtained from your research must be cited in the body of the report and a reference listing provided at the end. You should use one particular referencing system (i.e. Harvard or BS) consistently throughout your report. At least half the references should be from professional publications. Where text is quoted verbatim from a source, this should be clearly differentiated by using quotation marks, an alternative font or both. Your referencing system should be consistent throughout.


Content. 40%
Description of the topic of your report.
Research and use of the literature to inform analysis
Use of Microsoft Excel to analyse the potential impact of your design choice
Conclusions drawn based on your research and analysis.
Structure and Presentation 30%
Table of Contents. Use of headings and sub headings. Page numbering.
Use of diagrams and tables to convey information. Concise focussed writing style.
Word count statement. Correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.
Use of References 30%
Range and relevance of reference material. Number of references used.
Acknowledgement of diagrams and tables. Style and consistency of citations and
reference listings.


1. The written report should be on A4 paper and should be word processed.
2. Attach a COURSE ASSESSMENT RECORD front cover sheet from the
Library Assignment Services to include your name, assignment title, module
numbers and date.
3. The entire submission should be held together by stapling the top left corner.
Leave room at the top of each page so that work is not inaccessible.
4. Do not submit work in plastic, card, paper or any other type of folder.
5. Hand in your assignment to the Library Assignment Services by the due date.
Late submissions will have marks deducted, unless good reasons are given via
the module leader for a late submission.
6. Assignment Services are located at the main desk of St. Peter’s Library in the
Prospect building.

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