Utopia Term Paper

Effectively communicate in writing the students views about society .

Apply Sociological ideas to the construction of a Utopian society using an institutional approach.

Develop a social utopian model that deals with real life issues and settings.

Develop an authentic project using sociological concepts and principals

Develop and design creative works . (see rubric below)

This term you will design a Utopian Society based upon Sociology. Any assertions you make during this project must be verifiable by science and logic. Your plan must include the following:

1. A Name, use your own or invent one.

2. A Structural Map ( a schematic of your society including an organizational chart)

3. A Plan for Social Change ( all societies must change over time make a plan for how you will change today’s society to your new one )

4. A System for Socialization ( how will you convince people to obey the rules)

5. A Family Plan ( Will you encourage traditional family values or will you design a new plan )

6. A Policy on Religion ( Will religion be designed by you , tolerated or encouraged )

7. An Educational System ( design your ideal educational experience)

8. An Economic System ( What type of exchange system will you develop for trading gods and services.

9. A Defense System to protect your society from enemies from without and within.

10. A plan to deal with Deviance

11. A system of Government

You will find power point presentations with excerpts from past Utopian Societies including the works of Plato, Bacon, Campenella, Skinner and Thomas Moore and the views of Anti-Utopian thinker George Orwell in the doc sharing

Your society must contain a design that will insure that your society survives. Begin by considering how you view today’s society. What do you think everyone deserves and what type of life style will you develop? How will you treat criminals and those who won’t work?

APA Format (5-7 pages)

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