Nuclear Reactor Design

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Choose a project from the following list:

  1. Design a nuclear powered unmanned aircraft [drone]. Use a reactor, or a RTG [Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator.
  2. Design a portable small nuclear reactor that can be transported by truck [or helicopter] to remote locations.
  3. Much of the world is in great need of fresh water. Design a nuclear powered desalination plant that can produce at least 200 million gallons of fresh water per day.
  4. Design a space transportable nuclear reactor that can power a manned base on Mars.
  5. Design a small very safe small nuclear reactor that can power a large mall, or a large manufacturing complex.
  6. Design an RTG power source that can trickle charge the batteries of an electric car so that it does not have to be plugged or for recharge, or only minimally plugged in.

Project Outline

The project should be presented in the form of a solution to a problem

  1. Title Page
  2. Introduction to the Problem
  3. History and Previous Work on the Problem.
  4. Nuclear Reactor Designs that can solve the problem.
  5. The Three Best Choices [Reactors] to Solve the Problem.
  6. Trade-Off Analysis of the Three Choices.
  7. The Winner of the Trade-Off and the Design of your Reactor in some detail.
  8. The Design of your System [Problem Solution] with the selected reactor.
  9. Critique and explain how good and effective your solution is compared to non-nuclear solutions.
  10. Recommendations for Future Work on the Problem.
  11. Conclusions.
  12. References.


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