Space and Meaning

Space and Meaning

use Adobe CS6 Illustrator software only and send .ai and .pdf both file

You can express the meaning of a word or an idea through the spacing, sizing, and placement
of letters on the page. Designers often think this way when creating logotypes,
posters, or editorial headlines. In this project, physical processes are expressed through the
spacing and arrangement of letters. In addition to performing changes in scale, or acts of
cutting, cropping, shifting, turning, repeating, or otherwise transforming the letterforms, you
may also create your own forms or manipulate the outlines of the letters (convert text to

Create a new document 48p x 60p (8 x 10″). Draw a 36p square with 2pt stroke.
Position it with a left margin of 6p and a top margin of 11p using the upper left hand corner
as reference point. Make 11 copies of the artboard, giving you a total of 12 artboards.
Select 4 words to illustrate from the 9 choices below. I would like to see 3 ideas for each
word that use different concepts, similar to the black squares. Use only the letters in the
word to illustrate your idea. Save your final as a pdf, with just the information bar, no crop
marks. Put your preferred solution first in each group by rearranging your pdf. I am interested
in seeing all your work and explorations, as well as what you think is most successful.
Use the typeface Gill Sans Bold for all words. Black or percentage of black, no other colors.
Don’t condense or expand the typeface which destroys its integrity but use other methods
such as change of scale and direction to convey your ideas. This means the horizontal and
vertical scale of the type should each be 100% in the character format palette.
I will be grading you on your concepts as well as execution from now on. You should be
applying what we have discussed so far as well as trying new ideas. In the previous exercises
you followed directions and now I am interested in your ideas and solutions.
Disruption • Expansion • Migration • Compression • Repetition •
Elimination • Transition • Explosion • Division

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