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The readings for the past two weeks have concentrated on topics such as, care, self-care and medications that are part of the routine of those who have been diagnosed with mental health issues. Because of spring break, however, we are going to concentrate on medications for this week as time is limited.

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One area that is controversial among professionals and researchers has to do with medications ( When it comes to mental health issues and others as well, medications can be prescribed to children as young as two years old. While some clients may need strong medications, others may not benefit as much from them.

Some of you may have been medication technicians and have doled out meds without knowing the full extent of how and why the medications were prescribed. The latter is not just with med techs but with nurses, paraprofessionals, and even professionals. Actually, with some medications knowledge about how they work is a mystery to even drug companies ).

1. For this week, please choose a psychotropic medication that is in the reading by Corrigan (2016) or one that you have chosen from another reputable source. PLEASE TRY TO HAVE SOMETHING DIFFERENT FROM YOUR PEERS.

Please state what the medication is and what it usually is prescribed for. If it is considered atypical for a disorder and if so, what does that mean. Also, state the side effects of the medication as well.

2. After completing the first part then, based on what you have learned, state whether you believe those who are prescribed the medications would benefit from them or not and why. Add what your views are about medications and who should be the one diagnosing and prescribing drugs for mental health diagnoses.

Give examples, please, at the end of the discussion when you are giving your viewpoints. At this point, you can add your personal experiences with psychotropic medications.

Please, read the articles used for citations as they really are quite interesting. You don’t have to use them in your discussion; however, if you want to — do so.

This is an in-depth conversation with at least 500 words for the initial question. Any questions, please ask. Be sure to cite the replies as well. USE YOUR OWN WORDS — DO NOT COPY DIRECTLY FROM THE SOURCE. There are no videos for this week. Dr. G.


Corrigan, P. W. (2016). Principles and practices of psychiatric rehabilitations: An

empirical approach. New York, NY: Guildford Press.

Useful resources: Psychosocial rehabilitation and severe mental disorders: a public health approach

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