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Decision Making and Ethics in Your Field

Reflection Exercise: Decision Making and Ethics in Your Field

In this exercise you will
• Write a 5-page essay that addresses all of the following:
o The event where you violated the Code of Academic Integrity (1 pg. maximum)
o How your values played into these decisions
 What values were ignored? What values were most important? Did any of this surprise you?
 How do you exhibit values in your life as a student, and how do values influence your regular decision-making and actions, specifically decisions concerning what is right or wrong?
o What could you have done differently?
o What steps will you take to ensure this does not happen again?

• Write an additional 2-page letter to a fictional student in a future section of this course that includes:
o What you have learned?
o Advice you have for them and recommendations for success in regards to academic integrity
o What resources exist on and beyond campus to support academic integrity?
o Do not rehash the facts of the case rather a letter of advice on advoiding academic dishonesty

• Conduct an interview with a professional in your future field. Write an additional 2-page reflection about what you learned from the interview. Below are some questions to ask during your interview:
o Share the name of the person you interviewed, that person’s position, and how this position relates to what work you want to do in the future.
o What does integrity mean to you? How does your character and ethics factor into the work you do?
o How important is it to make ethical decisions in this field?
o What advice would you give others aspiring to your field regarding ethical conduct in school and the field?

Last Updated on January 19, 2018

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