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Maria and Sarah are members of student council in the college. During the student council meeting there was a

discussion regarding the ethics that students need to follow inside the college campus. The issues that was noticed

in college for example were like; writing on the walls of class room, throwing water bottles around the class room,

not closing the water tab properly, wasting food in cafeteria, not maintaining hygiene at cafeteria and rest rooms,

and damaging the property of college. Since these issues have to be taken care of, as it is important for students to

be ethical towards themselves and environment. The student council decides to create clean ethical awareness

program for students to create awareness in the college.

Answer the following questions:

  1. Explain the five key areas of ethics that will be given importance in the clean ethical awareness program and

why? (10 marks) (Answer must be in 300 words)

  1. Discuss five positive ways to make the students follow the ethics in the college.

(5 marks) (Answer must be in 150 words)

  1. If the student council did not decide on ethical awareness program, what will you do if you were in the position

of Sarah as student council member? Explain the measures you will decide to make students follow ethics?

(5 marks) (Answer must be in 150 words)


“Ethical values are guiding principles that guides us in making decisions in our life as they lay the foundation of

our responses and reactions. However, the definition what is right and wrong depends on the upbringing, culture,

and the societal norms”

In line with these important statements:

  1. Do you think that value is important part of our life? Justify your answers in five points.

(5 marks) (Answer must be in 150 words)

b.Explain five ways you will impart values to your younger ones. (5 marks) (Answer must be in 150 words)

  1. Which values are paramount to you as a person? State why? (5 marks) (Answer must be in 150 words)


Umar works in a supermarket and has a good attitude. But he doesn’t like his boss. He usually will say “Salam” to

his boss every morning at workplace. Even if his boss’s attitude is bad, he still greets his boss. The boss on the

other hand has a habit of bad behavior like using bad words, not praying, smoking, talking bad about people

behind their back, cheating, etc. People respect him only out of fear, not choice.

Answer the following questions:

  1. Explain five aspects that affects Umar’s Ethical values in Workplace. Provide example for each factor.

(5 marks) (Answer must be in 150 words)

  1. Elaborate the behavior of Umar’s boss. (5 marks) (Answer must be in 150 words)
  2. If you were in Umar’s place, what would you do? (5 marks) (Answer must be in 150 words)

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