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Dataset Questions

1. Which keyword category had the highest amount of spend in November?
2. How many days was Post 23 promoted for?
3. Which demographic (age + gender) had the lowest Cost-per-Engagement?

KPIs & Restrictions

4. The client has an upcoming campaign that will be targeted exclusively to users aged 25-44. Based on what you see in this data, what targets would you run this media towards if the goal is to maximize the number of website clicks? Consider any major confounding variables, and filter them out.
5. The client would like to optimize to both website clicks and shares. How would you go about doing this? Given your methodology, select the post you would recommend running.
6. The client has increased the total budget for this campaign to $700,000, with the budget divided by creative category in the following way:

a. Baby: $100,000
b. Family: $100,000
c. Father: $100,000
d. Graduation: $150,000
e. Grandparents: $50,000
f. Mother: $75,000
g. Wedding: $125,000

Join the creative category data from the “Additional Data” tab to the main data tab, and answer the following:

h. Within each creative category, select the post that has the lowest Cost-per-Checkout.

i. Evaluate how much has been spent against each creative category to date. Determine how much budget should be allocated to the posts you selected in the previous question in order to deliver each creative category’s budget in full, assuming that no other posts will be promoted.

Positives & Negatives

7. What are the pros and cons of Link Page Posts & Photo Page Posts? Evaluate in terms of overall engagement, link clicks, and storied engagements (likes, comments, shares).

Down the Funnel

8. The client’s main goal of this campaign is to maximize revenue from sales of products on their website. Which metric would you recommend optimizing towards and why? Assume that the client counts both click-based and view-based revenue, with no multipliers.

9. Using your metric from the previous question, answer the following: The client has decided to eliminate post-view revenue from consideration. What changes would you make to your campaign to drive efficiency of your metric?


10. Based on your takeaways, if you were to design a future campaign for a similar retail client, what recommendations would you provide based on this data?

11. Where do you see social platforms heading over the next 5 years? What will social’s

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