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Marketing discussion question

Segmentation & Target Market Discussion: ( this is not an essay so please don’t put it in essay format)

There are many different ways one can segment a market (e.g., with a combination of behavioral, demographic, geographic, and psychographic variables).

From a segmentation analysis, a firm chooses a target market. How does the company/organization where you intern define its primary target market?

Discuss the combination of variables used to profile your target market. (Note, rarely is it as simplistic as age or gender. You’ll need to delve deeper, for a more complex definition.)

What do you see as the advantages and also the challenges of the choice of this target market for your organization? Please consider segment profiles defined by multiple segmentation variables, not just age or gender or income. And consider variables that are not demographic variables in addition to demographic variables.

Last Updated on October 1, 2018

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