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Critical Research Paper: Levi and Dante

Levi and Dante

Research the information below to organize a critical research paper. Use references from the library and Internet for the paper.

1. Devise a critical research paper that discusses Dante’s influence in Levi’s writing and influences in “If This Is A Man”.

2. As an introduction, define a “canto” by investigating “Ulysses”, Dante’s “The Divine Comedy,” and “Hercules”. Discuss how the canto relates to Levi’s writing.

3. Compare the similarities between Levi and Dante: Hint: How do both make ‘trips’ to Hell? How do both express inhumanity?

4. Analyze Dante’s influence on Levi’s life and work:

– How does Levi use Dante to help him reconnect to his sensitivity in the Lager. Hint: How does he help Jean learn Italian?
– What emotional feelings does this recitation do for Levi?
– Why does Dante strike a chord with Levi?
– What parallel does Levi see between Ulysses’ resistance and his own life?
– How does this inspire him?
– How does reconnecting with the literature of Levi’s past help him with salvation?

5. Conclude the paper analyzing each man’s beliefs if man is, or is is not, evil by nature.

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