Critical Process Paper

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Analyze ONE of the following topics:

  1. Should alcohol, tobacco, fast food and/or pharmaceutical advertising be prohibited? Make a case for and against.
  2. Select TWO public service announcements from the Ad Council ( Link) and make an argument for or against their effectiveness. What issue would you create a psa for?
  3. Analyze any recent public relations campaign.
  4. Discuss the cultural and economic influence of the Walt Disney Company.

Critical process papers should be written as a formal paper with an introduction, clear thesis statement, body paragraphs discussing the topic, and a strong conclusion. I’m interested in reading about what you have to say about the topic, so don’t rely too heavily on outside sources. If you do choose to quote an outside source, make sure to include an in-text citation and full citation at the end of the paper. MLA or APA format should be used for the paper.

Research and Citation Resources.


Last Updated on February 12, 2021