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English – World Literature

Please read Session 11 Lecture, Dante Alighieri (B387-91), Inferno, Cantos I-V (B392-409), The Divine Comedy, Inferno, Cantos XXIII (B467-71), XXVI (B478-82), XXVIII (B486-89), and XXXIV (B508-11). Also for second part, please read Session 12 Lecture, the first two “fitts” or parts of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (B 725-51), and the final two fitts of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (B751-80).

Now answer the question of part 1 and 2:

Part 1.

Students are often surprised by Dante’s depiction of Satan. Pay careful attention to the passage in which he appears (34.34-69). Discuss one specific aspect of this description. Why do you think Dante chooses to depict Satan in this way?

Also answer and give short comment (2-3 Sentences as friendly) on one student’s thoughts:

Overall, Dante depicts Satan as incredibly grotesque and repulsive. He ultimately does this to have his readers recognize the potential of how we as normal humans can turn out. Though sinful nature won’t alter much of one’s physical appearance, it will eventually begin to tear one’s heart. I also found it quite interesting that Dante made it incredibly relatable. For example, Dante describes in line 34 that Satan was once “fair” and gradually turned “foul.” This parallels closely with human sin nature. We all begin as pure individuals and gradually pick up grime and dirt in our lives. Another way Dante attempts to be relatable is when he mentions that Satan has “one head wearing three faces” (38). I see this more in a symbolic matter; ultimately, the different “faces” resembles the different personalities we use in deceitful behavior. Dante really chooses to put what would normally be described about someone’s heart and changes it around to describing how it would look physically.

Part 2.

According to scholar Denton Fox, Gawain “has no trouble in resisting [Lady Bercilak]; there is no suggesting that he’s ever stirred dangerously by sexual desire.” Look carefully at the interactions between Lady Bercilak and Gawain. Do you agree with Fox’s claim? Use textual support from the poem to support your assertion.

Also answer and give short comment (2-3 Sentences as friendly) on one student’s thoughts:

According to my knowledge and opinon I think Sir Gawain was seduced by sexual desire. Lady Bercliak came into Sir Gawain’s room a couple of times in the morning, and she even kissed him three times while Sir Gawain accepted the kiss. He would not have accepted the kiss if he was not tempted by her. She was trying to get him to be intimate with her while he would refuse. Man has temptation always and in the back of Sir Gawains mind he wanted more, but held himeslef until he took an offering that Lady Bercliack gave to him which was her garter belt in line 1860-1861 page 766. Lady Bercilack insisted that her garter belt had powers that would help protect Sir Gawain from any type of danger and out of temptation and lust he took the belt. I feel as though if Sir Gawain was not tempted by sexual desire he would not have accepted the garter belt, he had some sort of feelings for Lady Bercilack which made him feel the need to accept her offering.

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