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Roleplay Application Questions for GTA 5 server


The most important rule of nopixel is be a character, be unique. Create a story that people want to be apart of. Dancing on police cars and hanging around the square taking up slots with 0 character will have you removed from whitelisting.
Be respectful at all times.
Do NOT private message staff unless you have exhausted all options.
We are all here to have fun. This is a roleplay server and having a “must win” or competitive attitude is not conducive to a roleplay environment
Do not metagame
Do not misuse in-game channels (E.G. OOC – see specifics >> here HERE

Do not break character anytime
If you wake up at the hospital, you forget everything in the event that caused your demise.
Do not enter other peoples role play scenarios with out a valid reason that suits your character.
Do not rob, shoot or harm anyone with out a valid reason that suits your character.
Value your life, you are a human, act like one. (This includes initiating crime where it makes no sense to your safety – i.e PD)
Always have a quality microphone.
You must do jobs you sign up for or you will be perm banned.
Video, Photo or Audio evidence must be captured by an ingame device, IE Camera emote or smart phone emote
Using a helicopter for crimes is grounds to be shot down
Using a helicopter to make money from jobs is not allowed
If you are unconscious, do not respawn if in police custody and they advise you that EMS is en route.
Gangs/groups are limited to 4 members max. If there are more than 4, all members involved will be punished. Clarification: The rule is 4 max in your group at a time, while playing together; there is no limit to how many you can have in your gang.
Clothing Store clarification. >> HERE

BANS – Note that one infraction could see you permanently banned

Warning with up to a 7 day ban.
Generally this will happen on a first time offense / unintended rule break / basic rule break.
Permanent with access to appeal after 30 days [Excludes bans for any of the following: Serious Exploits, hacking, and/or roleplaying rape]

Depending on how well the character roleplays, bans might be more lenient/avoided in some circumstances.

Likewise, a bad attitude and saltiness will result in harsher punishment.

Last Updated on January 19, 2018

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