Constructing Arguments

Constructing Arguments

The purpose of this discussion is to understand how to construct an ethical argument, and comparing ethical arguments to other types of arguments, such as arguments based on political or economic theories, rather than ethical theories. Prepare and post a response to the following prompt:

a.Identify the basic themes, topics and concepts that make up the discipline of ethics. What are the themes or ideas that unite the different ethical theories? What is it that ethics aims to explain?

b.Describe how you might apply an ethical theme to one of the following topics: ?Limiting smoking in public places, such as public buildings, restaurants or city parks.

?Municipal governments using public funds to build stadiums for professional sports teams.
?Requiring a private landowner to provide habitat for endangered species on their properties.

What is your goal when you apply an ethical theme to a specific real-world issue? Distinguish how applying an ethical theme to understand the issue would differ from applying one of the following perspectives: economics, politics, or religion. What themes might represent the alternative perspective you have selected?

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