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Ethical responsibilities to non biological beings

Ethical responsibilities to non biological beings assignment

Could we have ethical responsibilities to non biological beings, such as networks, artificial intelligences or other seemingly-spontaneously acting/intending communicative beings? Would they be the same responsibilities as to living things? How do they differ, if not?

Explain whether we have an ethical obligation to forgive ethical harm done to us, using at least one of the ethical theories. Under what circumstances is forgiveness required, if ever? Is it a supererogatory (ethically good but beyond requirement) obligation? Does it differ if we forgive harm done to others?

Under what circumstances is violence acceptable to defend abstract ideals and/or to preserve moral agents that do not directly have a relationship with you? Is violence acceptable to defend moral patients (person-like beings which lack the ability to act on agency)? You will want to include a NON DICTIONARY definition of violence in addition to an explanation of the system of thought you are utilizing.

Do we have an ethical responsibility to be healthy? Is it possible to have an obligation to health?  Consider the definition of health, as well as how defining health can be exclusionary to those who are already culturally/socially marginalized. If that obligation causes harm to persons as agents, what arguments could make it nevertheless an ethical good?  NOTE: You may NOT use HIV or other STIs as an example in this essay.


Essay on ethical responsibilities to non biological beings

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