Computerized Health Information

Assignment:  Ch. 12:  Case Study Assignment.

Assignment Instructions:

  1. Use this worksheet to provide your written responses for the assignment.
  2. Make yourself familiar with the Computerized Health Records Writing rubric.
  3. Provide a well thought out summary response in your own words for the case study assignment.
  4. Use your textbook chapter so that you fully understand the assignment and respond appropriately.
    In addition, you may use the internet when you want to expand further on your learning.
  5. At the end of your summary, note references used (textbook: page numbers.  Internet:  web address providing a link to the specific information you used.)


Chapter 12 Case Study:

A local internal medicine and cardiology practice has recently implemented their new EHR system from Allscripts. Some relatively minor building renovations were required, and additional hardware was installed. Extensive training sessions and onsite support staff spent several months meeting with all users. Superusers and managers were identified and given additional training.

During the testing phases, there were several glitches that needed to be addressed. Because of the practice’s long-standing relationship with a local hospital, they had to electronically communicate seamlessly to coordinate ongoing patient care throughout the healthcare continuum. The EHR from Cerner is used by the hospital.

Technology and software issues had to be addressed to ensure interoperability so that complete patient information was transmitted securely. The application of the HL7 messaging standards were evaluated for each system and then the firewall and encryption software were adapted to meet data integrity and secure transmission requirements per the required standards.

The patient portal for the physician practice had to be coordinated with the hospital’s EHR so that patients were able to see information generated from their hospital admission. The cardiologists and internal medicine physicians were incorporating this information into their outpatient treatment plan. These issues have been addressed and care coordination has become more efficient thanks in part to the new electronic processes incorporated into both EHR systems.

Case Study Question

Student Summary
Question 1:

Explain what types of standards protect health data and information systems from unauthorized access. Discuss how this might hinder the access from legitimate authorized HCOs or other sources.

Question 2:

Explain the importance of testing coordinated systems to address transmission and security measures




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