Finance and Budgeting

chapter 12/Finance and Budgeting from this book

Fried, G. (2010). Managing sport facilities (3rd ed.). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. ISBN: 0-7360-8290-5

1/What are the two major potential problems with buying a facility?


2/When raising money, which of the following involves selling a portion of the business for early investment in the project?

a. securing equity financing

b. securing venture capital

c. finding strategic investors

d. issuing corporate bonds

e. none of the above


3/Which of the following is a promise that in a specific period of time the borrower will pay back the lender the amount of money borrowed along with a specific amount of interest?

a. bonds

b. stocks

c. venture capital

d. private equity

e. all of the above


4/ Site Planning Sin taxes can be applied to which of the following?

a. alcohol

b. tobacco

c. gambling

d. all of the above


5/Nonprofit Funding Which of the following cannot receive tax-deductible gifts to help finance facility construction?

a. professional stadiums

b. collegiate stadiums

c. YMCAs

d. JCCs

e. b, c, and d

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