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Computer Organization & Assembly

Scope of the Assignment

This assignment aims to help in developing independent learning skills. Students are expected to work in group or individual and use online /library resources to complete the assignment

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Will have thorough knowledge about basic structure of a digital computer and arithmetic operations of binary number system.
  • Will have a thorough knowledge of digital circuits, half adder, full adder, Flip flops and reducing Boolean expressions
  • Write Assembly language programs using GNU

Assignment Questions:

  • Convert the following
  1. 8AC16=———————-8
  2. 7478=———————–16
  • Reduce the following Boolean algebra using Karnaugh map
  1. BD+A+BC+CD+AB
  • A+C+AC+AB
  • Write 8085 assembly codes for the following
  1. Subtract two 8 bit numbers
  2. Multiply two 8 bit numbers
  • Write 8085 assembly codes for the following
  1. Find the BCD of given number
  2. Arrange n numbers in ascending order


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