Ethics for computer usage

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Scope of the Assignment:

This assignment aims to help in developing independent learning skills. And expected to use online /library resources to complete the assignment.

Learning outcomes to be covered by this assignment:

  • To be able to understand the importance of Computer Ethics and its rules.
  • Understand why computer and information technology have ethical issues and familiarize with moral and legal issues using computer.
  • Able to know names of the different categories of computer ethics and to understand the processes of developing ethical rules.
  • Also, will be able to understand the role of philosophical ethics and professional ethics.
  • Familiarize with various internet issues and online ethics.

Assignment Questions: Attempt any three questions:

  • Write down any five Commandments of computer ethics defined by the Computer Ethics Institute in your own words along with an example for each commandment.
  • Differentiate the virtue ethics theory by comparing with other theories discussed in second chapter.
  • What is special about strongly differentiated professional roles? Describe the special responsibilities for a strongly differentiated professional role.
  • Discuss about hacking and hacker ethics in detail.


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