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Communication and Resource Management

Part 1: Interpersonal Communication

1A:      Identify a person at work (coworker or supervisor) with whom it is difficult to communicate. Arrange an interview in which you will practice good reflective listening skills.  Ask the person questions about a topic that you think he or she is interested.  Pay particular attention to being patient, calm, and non-reactive.  After the interview, summarize what you learned.

1B:      Think of a person with whom you have had a recent conflict.  Write a letter to this person, attempting to resolve the conflict.  Be sure to address the following issues:

  1. Whether the conflict is functional or dysfunctional.
  2. Effective strategies for resolving the conflict.
  3. Ineffective strategies that should be avoided.


Part 2:              Health Information Systems


Select a clinical setting and describe the radiology information system and the clinic/ hospital information system. Discuss the integration, if any, of the two systems. Identify some benefits or problems you see in the current system.

Describe the method of film/ image archiving and the rules for retention of images in your selected clinical setting. Any patient flow problems with the system?

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