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Conflict and Conflict Management Analysis of a Conflict

Instructions: Use what you have learned from analyzing your own interpersonal conflict to write a paper that includes each of the following sections (in order) and that follows the formatting instructions below. Make sure you answer all the questions in each section.

1. Problem Statement:

Provide an objective summary of the conflict situation you chose to analyze. Present specific details in your description of who, what, when, where, and how. Also, explain whether your goal is conflict resolution or management and what positive and/or negative effects you expect from addressing the conflict. Provide a dialogue that illustrates the kinds of communication strategies used in the original conflict. Label the strategies used.

2. Power Dynamics Analysis:

Summarize the results of your power dynamics analysis of the relationship(s) in this situation. Explain why you believe specific types of relationship power are significant and critical to consider in this conflict. How does your power dynamics analysis affect your choice of strategies to use in dealing with the conflict?

3. Possible Strategies:

Present a range of possible strategies (that is, several) you could reasonably expect to use in this conflict situation. Be sure to include both productive and unproductive strategies, and explain why they are productive or unproductive. Comment on the personal and cultural implications of these possible strategies. In other words, given your personal and/or cultural beliefs about conflict, why would these strategies be productive or unproductive?

4. Identify Chosen Strategies:

From the above, choose a combination of strategies that you can imagine applying in the conflict situation. Explain how and why you have chosen these.

5. Try Out Strategies:

Imagine (this is all hypothetical) that you are going to use the strategies you have identified in the previous section. Write a specific plan that shows how you would use the conflict strategies you chose. Consider time and place and other aspects of context. Report the words you would actually say, the actions you would actually take. (In other words, write a short dialogue showing what you would say and how you would expect the other person to respond—in both words and actions.) Label your strategies. Be realistic in considering what you know about the other person and yourself. Remember that your strategies apply only to what you do and how you imagine the other person would respond.

6. Evaluate the Effects of the Proposed Strategies:

Analyze the effects you expect your chosen and planned strategies would have on your relationship with the other person if you follow the plan you have described. What do you expect would happen—immediately after? A week or more later? In the long term? Why would the results that you intended to achieve be likely to result from your plan? What alternate or follow-up strategies could you use? Again, remember that most conflict situations require a process for management and/or resolution.

This paper will be due in Saturday evening at 11:59 p.m.

Please make sure to use appropriate MLA document format (see the Purdue OWL website if you don’t know how to do this). Sections should be numbered.
Make sure your document is double spaced, in 12-point type, and with indentations at the beginning of each paragraph.

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