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Communication Device Project

Assignment 5

Communication Device Project

Directions and Guidelines

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to demonstrate methods for individuals to communicate with other individuals who have one or more disabling conditions, or who can benefit from a unique approach in communication skills.

Steps/Sections in development:

1. Description of the Population Identify and describe the population for whom you wish to develop a communication board…must be individuals who have difficulty communicating their wants and needs to others.

Examples include, but are not limited to:
a. Individuals of any age with disabilities such as hearing/speech impairments, intellectual disabilities, autism, etc.

b. Young children who are still learning to communicate verbally and may be difficult to understand.

c. Children and youth with or without disabilities who are wanting more independence.

d. Adults whose health issues have caused difficulties in the area of communication.

e. Individuals who speak a different language and need help bridging that gap when communicating in society

2. Message Conveyed Identify and describe the message(s) you want to deliver. Examples include, but are not limited to:
a. Feelings & emotions
b. Tasks to perform independently
c. Transitions in school settings
d. Academic subject material
e. Leisure activities (including sports)
3. Sender & Receiver Identify the sender of the message and describe his/her role. Identify and describe the role of the receiver of the message.

4. Environments Identify and describe the environments in which the message will take place.

5. Objectives Include the detailed objective or objectives the student will be working to master. Remember that the goal of this board is to provide a means for communication.

Although it can be used to teach a task and might require a learning objective, you must include an objective that shows how it will promote communication.

6. Steps Include the steps the individual will take in order to learn and to use the communication board properly.

7. Prototype Development Develop a prototype for your communication board: think about materials, ease of use, clarity in the message.

8. Prototype Assessment Practice using your communication board with a volunteer, identify problems, get feedback, go back to the drawing board and make changes and adaptations to your prototype.

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