Communication skills and practices

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3-4 page essay in which you will critically examine your own communication skills and practices.

Assignment Description

As 21st century global citizens, we live in a complex world that is filled with complicated communication challenges and problems. However, an understanding of how communication works can help us devise solutions to today’s pressing problems. For this assignment, you will compose a 3-4 page essay in which you will critically examine your own communication skills and practices.

After a brief introduction, choose and briefly describe two communication events from your own life in which you were directly involved. A communication event is a contained unit of communication (e.g., a meeting at work or school, a conversation on the phone with a friend or parent, a public speech, a commercial, etc.).

Next, analyze each event independently by using concepts we have learned in the course. For each event, define and apply at least one communication concept from your textbook. You must use at least one concept from Chapter 2, Communication and Culture. You may draw from any other chapter from the book for the additional concept/s.

In a substantive conclusion, reflect on how you aim to improve your communication with others by offering a detailed description that includes strategies that you learned thus far in this course.



  • Please be sure to BOLD the concepts you choose upon first use.
  • Your submission should be 3-4 pages in length and double-spaced with 1-inch margins.
  • You must use .pdf, .doc, or .docx format for your submission.
  • You are required to double check your submission to make sure it uploads properly to Turnitin on Canvas before the submission deadline. If an assignment does not upload properly, it is your responsibility to try again and contact your professor or TA immediately. Take screenshots to document your process.
  • Cover pages are accepted but not required.
  • For each concept, paraphrased idea, or quote from the text, you must include proper MLA or APA citations (including page numbers) in your paper. This assignment also requires a works cited page. If you are not sure how to cite properly please go to the OWL at Purdue online for directions:


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