Challenging aspects of career management

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One of the more challenging aspects of career management is simply staying current with aspects of the job related to fit with both the job tasks as well as the working conditions. As such, it is often helpful to periodically assess both your career interests and the various aspects of a job to determine congruence.

For this assignment, please consider not only the changes that have taken place in your own current job and work environment, but also those in your industry. Then, search the internet for a recent article (please provide a web link to the article) that you feel illustrates those trends, and use both your own experience and the article to answer the following:

  1. What specific factors you feel will be important for organizations to consider when seeking to recruit individuals already in the workforce, but from a different industry, for similar jobs over the next 5 years? Also, what specific industry and/ or job challenges do you see for these individuals in order for them to be successful in such a transition?
  2. Similarly, what factors do you feel would be important for organizations to consider for recruiting individuals who will be entering the workforce for the first time, and what industry and/ or job challenges will they need to overcome to be successful? Please describe and discuss in detail.


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