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Answer 3 different questions in at least 10-12 sentences.


  1. One of the interesting things about “personality” is that people seem to think that it is possible for a person to have “no” personality. What do you think this means?

Other than in cases of brain injury or damage, is it possible to not have a personality? Alternatively, what does it mean to have “too much” personality? Have you ever known anyone who has “too much” personality? What do people mean when they say this??

Personality Characteristics

2.The person-situation debate is a long-running controversy within the field of personality psychology.

(1) Choose a specific personality characteristic (trait, tendency, behavioral consistency, typical way of acting or thinking) shown by yourself or someone you know.

(2) Describe an example situation where this personality characteristic would be evident and would apparently be a “cause” of the person’s behavior.

(3) Would the person with this characteristic always show it in this situation? Why or why not?

Personality Judgement

3.Think of a time when you made a personality judgment about someone else and it turned out to be wrong. Describe what happened. Why do you think your judgment was inaccurate? Was it something about you, the other person, the situation, or some other factors.


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