Bulletin of the Bachelor’s thesis

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Maturity Test


TASK:  Write a bulletin of your Bachelor’s thesis, which will then be available on JAMK.fi webpages. The purpose of the bulletin is to serve as an easily comprehensible and interesting news item about your thesis. Consequently, please label the bulletin as a news item. Use single spacing and a 12-point font size. Add an empty line between paragraphs. The ideal length of a bulletin is 1–2 pages (3000–3500 characters, without spaces).

Add your contacts to the end of the bulletin.

Please keep in mind that the bulletin is neither equivalent to an abstract nor to a completed article about your thesis but just the text the news item will be based on. Use the formal style without adding any figures or lists to the text. Start with the most important issues of interest and continue with the related background information (see the figure). Only include the most important and interesting issues in the bulletin. You have 2hrs 15 mins (135 mins) to complete the exam.
Write the text in the text field below.

Who did? What? Where?

Key results.

Details of results


Background information

Utilization additional information.

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