Sociology of Globalization

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SOCIOLOGY 130SG: Sociology of Globalization

Final Paper Prompt

Summer 2017

Students will have two options for this final assignment. For the first option, students
can take a topic of interest (current news or historical event, or sociological concept e.g. race,
gender, or social stratification) and interpret this topic from a global perspective using the
readings from the course. For the second option, students can provide an analytical overview and
critique of a theory or concept from the course. Students can also consult with the professor to be
provided a prompt based on student interest. With each option, students must utilize theories and
readings from the course as well as secondary sources.
The Final Paper will be 7-10 pages, due September 13th.
– Strong papers will directly address the readings for the course and apply them
convincingly to a relevant topic. Secondary sources can be used to supplement and
strengthen the paper’s main argument.
– While the number of sources needed will vary based on the topic chosen, using fewer
than five to eight sources will likely not be enough to fully flesh out the topic.
– Papers need to be formatted in 12pt, Times New Roman font. When citing sources,
please use APA citation style.

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