The book 'Man Tiger' s narrative style (based on Indonesian literature background)

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Talk about the narrative style of the Indonesian book called ‘Man Tiger’ written by Eka Kurniawan. Maybe you do not need read the whole book but you must read some of them and combine them with the Indonesian literature background information.
The structure of the presentation should be 1.the Indonesian literature background when this book was being written. 2. the narrative style and language characteristics (eg. some Indonesian words were kept other than been translated to English, the magic realism in the book). 3. a brief conclusion. By the way, the different parts of the presenation should be linked and with a good transition.
There are a website where some famous writers’ comment to the book ‘Man tiger’, which could help you.
And the extra materials have been given you to support your arguments.
The presentation is only in 3-4 min.

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