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Best Practices Research

Assignment #1—Best Practices Research

Best practices are strategies, projects or programs that have worked well in other areas or for other organizations.
• See:
Develop an approximately 12-153 page paper to identify some potential best practices for your chosen policy topic:(HIV Rates in Black Men).
• Begin with a clear description of the policy problem you are addressing (TopicSlam).
o This should include a background section of 2-3 pages that provides a background on the topic.
o This should be based not only on Internet research, but on a minimum of 5-6 peer reviewed journal articles on the subject matter. No less than 10 sources should be included in this section.
o After providing the background (TopicSlam) of the topic,
o provide a description and analysis of best practices—
 What other groups, agencies, nonprofits or local/state governments (depending on your topic) are doing to address this issue.
o analyze each of the best practices you found
 Key strengths and weaknesses.
 Include a table or chart that summarizes the best practices analysis.
Thus, the paper should consist of the following sections:
I. Background (TopicSlam)
II. Best Practices Analysis
a. best practice #1 (description, strength, weakness)
b. best practice #2 (description, strength, weakness)
c. best practice #3 (description, strength, weakness)
III. Summary Chart.
You are free to use a variety of sources for the best practices section, including direct phone calls to other organizations, academic journals research, newspaper articles (Lexus/Nexus, for example), research, internet searches, etc. However, you must cite your sources clearly using APA format. Failing to use APA format will result in a deduction of points. Also, plagiarism standards hold—make sure to quote, not just cite, if you use the sources’ words.
To begin your best practices research, you can try search terms that include the policy topic plus terms like “effectiveness” or “best practices” or “evaluation”. The librarians can also assist you.
Clear, grammatical, well-organized, and succinct writing is expected. The paper should be typed, double-spaced, and page numbered (as should all papers in this course).
Students may work together in groups, if desired, for this assignment.
“A” papers will be comprehensive (thorough range of practices identified), insightful (good categorization of practices, and good identification of strengths/weaknesses), well-organized and well-written. Though the background section and brief description of the practices is important, place strong emphasis on the analysis section (table and strengths/weaknesses of each practice you found).

Best Practice: HIV Rates in Black Gay Men

• Alternative Venue
• Mobile
• Community Based Testing
• Adolescents
• Adults
• College
• Advocate/Peer & Support
• Prevention
• HIV Positive Management & Prevention
• Under 21 & Positive, pediatrician
• Sociological and Psychological
• Social Media
• Other Technology
Cultural Barriers
• Church
• HBCU’s
• Manhood and Masculinity
Social Justice
• Socio, economical, health, Education, etc. disparity
Black advocacy
• Getting more black people credentialed to work in the various process for HIV prevention, to treatment and everything in between

Policy Topic


HIV Rates in Black Men

According to the CDC, Black gay men in Atlanta are contracting HIV in “epidemic proportions”. (Corona, 2017).  1 out of 2 Black men in Atlanta are expected to contract HIV.  In this scenario, the Georgia Department of Health Services has hired you to research the problem and develop policy recommendations.



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