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Assignment: Corrections Paper

The student is required to prepare a 5-10 pages (double spaced) research paper on any subject related to a corrections issue or

corrections problem in the criminal justice system. Please be sure to select “ A ISSUE in corrections to address” A bibliography is

required in addition to the 5-10 pages of the paper. The paper must be a minimum of 5 complete pages plus a bibliography. The paper

must cite no less than five (5) sources. You may use any accepted method to credit writers or interviewees for their work and to

prepare your bibliography. Please be consistent in the use of the citation and bibliography format that you choose.
The corrections paper will be evaluated based upon, but not limited to:
• the appropriateness of the topic selected;
• meets all general research requirements (p. 6);
• the thesis statement included in the paper’s introduction;
• your analysis of the corrections issue or problem;
• your recommendations regarding solutions or use of appropriate existing methods to address the corrections issue or problem;
• use of the literature (see p. 7) to support your opinions and conclusions; and
• the appropriate use of citations and bibliography to credit others for their work.

General Research Paper Requirements

The papers must meet the following requirements and will:
1. be typed (double spaced) in 10 to 12 point font with no greater than 1″ margins;
2. contain a cover page with your name, the name of the course, and the title of your paper (not acceptable titles: ‘Corrections

3. contain a minimum of 5 complete pages of text for the Corrections Paper (cover page and reference page not included in the total

page count);
4. be written from an objective standpoint; and
5. include the following sections: Introduction, Analysis, Discussion, and Conclusion.
a. Your Introduction should address how this issue/subject is significant to criminal justice and provide a brief background of the

b. Your Analysis section should contain the bulk of your research (not personal opinion) that identifies the issue, explores

current courses of action to address the issue, identifies best practices based upon research findings/results, and explains the

impact that the issue presents to the community, criminal justice agencies and other stakeholders
c. Your Discussion section should evaluate the research you have presented above, determine what impact(s) it may have on the

criminal justice system, and discuss whether there should be a change in policy and/or what future research should be pursued.

The paper must include at least six sources (including at least 2 scholarly journal articles) as reference sources.
The paper must contain a bibliography/reference page with the research sources cited in APA. Please incorporate in-text citations

in accepted format into the body of your research papers identifying the origins of your sources

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