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Behavioral Self-Management


The principles of operant conditioning can be adapted to manage one’s own behavior. These concepts can help one increase desired behaviors and/or decrease unwanted behaviors.

Project Instructions – Final Submission = 800-1,000 words (2 1/2 -3 pages of written work) (body) – excluding title and reference pages

Read the Psychology in Action segment titled “Behavioral Self-Management – A Rewarding Project” on pages 247 and 248 of the textbook.
Develop a personal behavioral self-management plan. The following stages should help:
Choose a target behavior: Identify the activity you want to change.
Establish a baseline: Determine how much time you currently spend performing the target activity or count the number of desired or undesired responses you make each day. Hint: Baseline data should be collected and recorded during week one of the course – it will help you tremendously (no need to turn this part in)
Establish Goals: Remember the principle of shaping and set realistic goals for gradual improvement on each successive week. Also, set daily goals that add up to the weekly goals.
Choose reinforcers: Choose a reward you will allow yourself if you meet your daily goal. Choose a reward you will allow yourself if you meet your weekly goal.
Record your progress: keep accurate records of the amount of time spent each day on the desired activity or the number of times you make the desired response. Progress data should be collected and recorded during weeks two and three of the course (no need to turn this part in)
Reward successes: If you meet your daily goal, collect your reward. If you fall short, be honest with yourself and skip the reward. Do the same for the weekly goal.
Adjust your plan as you learn more about your behavior. After reviewing your progress data during week two, adjust your plan if necessary and continue collecting progress data during week three of the course using the revised plan.
If your plan is to decrease a “bad” habit indicate which of the four strategies you are using to assist you: 1) alternate responses, extinction, response chains, or cues and antecedents.
Write three (3) pages answering the questions below. – This is the submission.
What target behavior did you try to modify? Why did you select this behavior?
How and why did you chose the daily and weekly goals?
How and why did you choose the daily and weekly reinforcers? What is it about these activities or rewards that you find reinforcing?
Did your self-management plan work? Did you change the target behavior? If you did, why do you think your plan was successful? If you did not, why do you think your plan was not successful?
How might you modify your plan to make it successful or more successful?
What is your overall reaction to this project? Will you use these concepts in the future? Why or why not?
Papers should be in APA format. A Template and information on APA requirements can be found under Course Media.
The paper should have one inch margins and be double spaced.
Use 12 point Times New Roman font.
Write in the first person.
Utilize, cite and reference the textbook and two (2) other research sources in your paper.

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