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Behavior Modification Plan-Self Change Project

Behavior Modification Plan-Self Change Project

Must have following contents:

Behavior Change Goal: 1-2 pages (what prompted the goal, what behaviors are being decreased/increased, long term/short term goals, do the goals tie tin to larger life goals)

Data Collection:1-2 pages (how was data recorded, i.e. structured diary, tally sheet, abc sheet, how did you measure success or lack there of, did you use a rating scale for emotions-why or why not, did you learn anything new about yourself performing the self observation task-if not any ideas why? Did observing your behavior lead to behavior change with our the addition of extra goal setting? Were you able to record the behavior as it occurred or did you have to wait to record it? Did this affect your ability to self observe? In what situations did the behavior occur? Were there any stimuli that seemed to have some level of control over the behavior? What were you saying to yourself before, during or after the undesired behavior? What were/are the behavioral/emotional consequences of engaging in the unwanted behavior?

Theoretical Background: 1-2 pages (Describe the theory you utilized in devising you self change plan-Cybernetics, Operant Theory, Classical Conditioning, Modeling…, How did the sub goals you chose fit with the behavioral theory you chose to apply in creating your self change plan?

Implementation and results: 2-3 pages (What were your experiences in attempting a formal self change project, were you skeptical-did this affect your ability to follow through on your sub goals, did you need to re-adjust your goals, how did making changes feel, did you learn anything about yourself-what, and if not-why, did you change your target behavior, did you change it to the desired outcome you were hoping for, if you did change it, how did it feel, if you didn’t achieve the change-any idea why or what could have been done differently, did you enjoy this project, what did you learn about yourself, did you see any benefits to utilizing the behavior techniques discussed? any drawbacks?

My project was to make changes in my eating and physical activity for better overall health and wellness. I did make a lot of changes in my eating habits. Started making homemade kombucha, green smoothies or green drinks daily, and actually started working at a wellness center during the time of the project.

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