Cultural competent care in nursing

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Provide an overview (introduction) of cultural competence in nursing practice in the first paragraph of the paper.

Identify how culturally competent care is fundamental to the practice of nursing.
Identify and discuss the relationship between cultural competency and diversity, as well as patient- and family-centered care. Provide an example from your experiences in nursing.

Analyze and/or identify a barrier(s) to providing culturally competent care to a diverse population (e.g., health disparities, communication, and environment).

Recommendations for providing health promotion activities for a selected population. Include conclusion to the paper..

Include minimum of three (3) APA formatted in-text citations and references. The course text may only be used as one (1) reference; two (2) additional credible references must also be included.

Writing skills, grammar, spelling, style, and adherence to APA format in a 3-5 page paper (excluding title and reference page).

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