Basic 2D Design LCC, Art and Applied Design

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Project One:


Create one design using only horizontal and vertical lines. In this design you are trying to create unity of the picture-plane, a clear and integrated focal point, a variety of spacing, and areas of rest and areas of activity. When I say spacing I mean both variety of black lines, and a variety of white spaces. Please review the PDF introduction to the project carefully. You goal is to understand the basic design principles, see and identify them in other art work and then create these principles in your own design.


Cut at least 20 strips of black construction paper into lines to use in the composition. You will cut these lines out of black construction paper using your utility knife. Make sure to cut on the cutting matt to save your table and to help cut straight. Use a straight edge to help if you want. DO NOT use scissors. It is important to become comfortable and confident using the utility knife. Do not cut yourself either. Cut the lines before you start. We are cutting lines so that you can move them around quickly and easily in your composition.·

  1. If you don’t have black construction paper yet, use any kind of dark paper. You WILL need black and grey construction paper this term.

The lines you cut must be straight (no curves) and even, (no angles). Cut a wide variety of lines. From thin to wide, and long to short. Do not make them more than 3/8 inch wide. If they get too wide they function as rectangle shapes, not lines. Cut all the lines before you start working.·

Begin by placing the lines on a white 14” x 20” paper from your pad. Place the black lines in a variety of positions, but only use horizontal and vertical lines. Refer to the students examples in the introductory PDF. Try many combinations. Make sure your lines move across the picture plane and touch the outside edges of the paper. Do not only work in the middle. Try to work from the outside in. If you want to start with a basic shape like a Tor a cross, try it. EXPERIMENT. Take pictures of your line sketches to compare them. You goal is to create a focal point and unity, AND do it in a way that is visually interesting.·

IMPORTANT: DO NOT design your composition first with a pencil, just play with the lines.·

Notice when you apply the black lines you also create white shapes. These shapes can be completely outlined or they can be created with implied lines. Consult your vocabulary sheet to assist in understanding the principles.·

When you have finalized a design, glue it down using the rubber cement. You can get excess glue on the paper to make sure the lines stay adhered to the paper. When the excess rubber cement is dry, you can rub it off using the rubber cement eraser.·

Remember your objectives. Create an effective composition with horizontal and vertical lines –·

Emphasize the compositional elements of a. Unity, b. Variety of Spacing c. Focal point. d. Area of rest and area of activity. e. Use black lines on a white ground. f. Experiment with multiple designs before gluing.·

Review the PDF introduction at Noon Wednesday, April 8 or earlier. Submit the writing by email by the listed due date on the PDF The first Composition will be due Noon, Monday, April 13. Submit a photo of the completed design by the date above. Also submit a photo of one other design you created before you glued it.

All compositions will be evaluated on the objectives as listed below including workmanship. Workmanship means clean straight lines and no messy glue smears.

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