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ART 115 Assignment 3

This assignment is worth 35 points and a grading rubric is provided at the end of this handout. Please submit your assignment via the link on Moodle. Late exercises are graded according to the late policy in the course syllabus. Materials White Paper; Black Paper; Cutting Mat; Cutting Knife; Ruler; Rubber Cement; Rubber Cement Eraser; Black Pens (optional) Assignment This assignment builds on your knowledge of point, line, and plane, which are the building blocks of design. From these elements, designers create typography, animations, textures, patterns, garments, floorplans, buildings and more. Design Problem

  • Using only points and/or lines, represent a weather-related phenomenon. • You may use small dots, points, and marks. • You may use straight, diagonal, or curved lines. • Lines can cross but should not close to create shapes. • Lines can be the same thickness or vary in thickness. The line thickness can change over the line (taper). • Your final solution should be an abstract representation of the phenomenon rather than a recognizable

object or realistic interpretation of the event within a landscape. Design Process

  • Look at the completed Assignment #3 examples on Moodle. They’re under the Week 3 Resources. • Watch the videos on cutting knife safety and cutting straight or curved lines. They’re on Moodle under

the Tutorial Videos in Course Resources at the top of the page, and under the Week 3 Resources.

  • Choose a weather phenomenon from the list below.
  • In pencil, roughly sketch at least ten ideas at one-fourth scale (2 x 2 in.) on a blank piece of paper. Your finished solution will be 8 x 8 in. square so it would be helpful to generate ideas that will work with that format. You may use inexpensive printer paper for this step. Consider the whole of the picture plane in your design.
  • Choose your favorite solution.
  • On a piece of white paper from your pad, draw an 8 x 8 in. box, lightly in pencil. Follow the layout shown below for where to place your square on the page.
  • Using black paper, execute your favorite solution at actual size within the 8 x 8 in square. You may also add black pen to your design in addition to the cut paper if it adds to your design.
  • When finished, please erase the light pencil box around your design so it appears to be floating in the page.
  • Take a photograph of your initial process sketches and finished design. Make sure your photographs are well lit and in focus, and that your design is clearly visible. Upload the photographs to Moodle under the Assignment #3 link.

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