Data Analysis – Case Study Analysis (Statistical Analysis)

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Aligned subject learning outcomes:

Learning objectives:

  1. Explain the importance of information as an organisational resource and to develop an appreciation for issues in managing data/information/knowledge
  2. Apply graphical and numerical tools for organizing, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data
  3. Integrate the knowledge of Microsoft Excel and other application software with the knowledge of accounting and finance.

Course learning objectives:

  1. Retrieve, analyse, synthesise and evaluate complex information, concepts and theories from a range of sources
  2. Apply a range of methods, techniques and tools to plan and conduct business
  3. Organise, analyse and interpret complex business data using analytical, statistical and digital skills to make informed decisions
  4. Present complex business analyses and information appropriately to both accountants and non-accountants using:

(a) Effective oral presentation skills

(b) Clear and fluent written communication.

Aligned professional standards/competencies:

. CPA Australia Section 3: Professional skills, competency areas and learning outcomes.

Weighting: 40%


The aim of this assessment is to apply business analytics and statistical theory to analyse a business scenario with a particular focus on the application of Excel Analysis ToolPak and PHStat.


You are the new business analyst for Cunningham Holdings. The CEO of the CHL hospitality subsidiary, Oscar Cunningham has assigned you the task to conduct a statistical analysis of the current accommodation business data (scroll down to see the CHL Accommodation Data.xlsx) and prepare an 800 word report summarising your findings addressing the five issues below.

. Issue 1: Determine current average pricing of the accommodation by brands, states, and locations

. Issue 2: Determine whether price differentiation exists among the accommodation brands.

. Issue 3: Determine whether price differentiation exists between states among the accommodation brands.

. Issue 4: Determine whether price differentiation exists between locations among the accommodation brands.

. Issue 5: Determine if the introduction of the Comfort brand has increased internal competition among the other accommodation brands.

Your submission consist of 3 parts:

Part 1: Action Plan (50%)

. Create an action plan for how you will conduct the analysis to address the five issues above. Your action plan should describe the following for each issue:

. How the data will be prepared and organised for analysis

. What analytics tool will be used to perform the analysis

. How hypothesis testing will be performed for Issues 2 to 5 (see more details in the case study description).

Part 2: Spreadsheet Analysis (30%)

. Implement and perform the analysis using pivot tables, Excel Analysis ToolPak and PHStat. Create one worksheet for each issue.

Part 3: Report and Communication (20%)

. Write an 800 word report summarising the findings of your analysis for all the five issues.

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