Art daily (Part 2)

Task: Analyze 2 glass artists:

1) Adam Jablonski (teardrop series)
2) Janet Nicholson and Rick Nicholson (Wave bowl series)

1) Adam Jablonski
– Write in third person

Part A – short biography

Adam Jablonski Art Glass

Adam Jablonski was born in Wilczkowice in Poland in April 1936. His career in glass making started in 1952 and spanned nearly half a century; Jablonski

officially retired in 2010. His work however carries on and is displayed in some of the most famous glass collection in the world.
His most notable achievement was being the first Eastern European artist to have his work displayed in the famous Corning museum. As well as this huge

achievement that came from a humble Polish man who built his very own furnace, Jablonski was awarded 12 gold stars by the Presidents of his country.

Many pieces of his work have been patented, and acquired by royalty around the world. He was the first glass maker to incorporate metal threads into his

works, this patent being the most important of his career. Having met royalty himself, Jablonski and his work will live on far into the future with his

masterpieces in every conceivable colour taking pride of place in some of the best known exhibitions around the globe
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Part B: Blue and Pink Teardrop Bubble Swirl

How this teardrop glass art inspires me. (please help me interpret my expression better thanks)

Adam Jablonski is well known for his creative designs and color bends. Among his famous art glass, I am inspired by his handmade art glass paperweight teardrop series.

Every glass sculpture is unique, because each piece of art glass is individually hand blown, the shapes, sizes, color variations and air bubbles are different.

The mixtures of colors evoke different emotions expressed by the creators. The deep blue swirled pattern associated with sadness, cool yet vulnerable feelings. While the twisted multi-colored patterns dancing through the crystal teardrop represents feelings of energy, passion, and unconditional love.

I intend to borrow the concept of the glass teardrop but instead of the multi-colored glass swirl upward in the core of the teardrop. I will place the swirl outside, twisting around the surface of the droplet, which expresses how one finds spiritual comfort and encouragement with Christ’s love.

The theme of my art glass piece will bring out the message how strong spiritual belief and the faith in GOD can change our life and in the arms of the Lord, our tears reap into songs of joy.

“In the arm of the Lord” (2011) by Yongsung Kim My art glass piece design

2) Janet Nicholson and Rick Nicholson
– Write in third person

Part A – short biography

Rick Nicholson is the master glassblower while Janet creates new designs and blends new colors. Their Wave Bowl from the Point Break Wave Bowl series won First Place for crafts in the 2003 KVIE on-air art auction. Their glass is exhibited in galleries and collected internationally.

Their popular ornaments have been featured on the Governor’s Mansion Christmas tree and for two years on the White House Christmas tree. They are represented locally by Bennett Gallery in Placerville, MowenSolinsky Gallery in Nevada City, and Auburn Old Town Gallery in Auburn.

(this part I extracted from the Perspectives Arts Newsmagazine)

Part B

Dichroic Aqua Wave

How this wave bowl glass art inspires me. (please help me interpret my expression better thanks)
Rick Nicholson’s signature wave of the Point Break Wave bowl series has a unique set of swirls and asymmetrical forms, the blending of colors and the wind-blown wave was inspired by his childhood in Hawaii and mimics the movement of the Hawaiian ocean.

By looking at his glass installations and bowl series, I am drawn to the beauty of the variations of blues which reflects the nature of the ocean. I I intend to borrow the concept of the wave glass bowl but instead of a clear blue glass, I will capture the pattern of water ripples spiral around the centre of the bowl to simulate the effect of a water drop into a calm pond.

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